@HPCpodcast: Quantum Computing Is on the Way to a $1B Market – Sooner Than You Might Think

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Quantum computing is as eagerly anticipated a technology as there’s ever been. The scientific and Wall Street communities, to name just two market segments, can’t wait to get their hands on quantum systems able to handle workloads beyond the reach of classical HPC. In the meantime, the technology world waits impatiently while quantum R&D proceeds.

In light of this, you might be surprised that the quantum market, with out-year CAGRs reaching nearly $1 billion, can be sized now. How can this be?

In this week’s episode of the @HPCpodcast, special guest, Bob Sorensen, SVP of research at HPC industry analyst firm Hyperion Research, explains how. Much of it has to do with one of big benefits of the cloud; it also has to do with FOMO on the part of organizations anticipating quantum’s potentially huge advantages.

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