Harnessing Data In Motion

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As the volume, velocity and variety of data swells across government, many agencies struggle to acquire maximum value from an ever-expanding number of sources. For science, research, and intelligence agencies, modernizing data movement—ingestion, routing, management, and delivery—in particular, represents a complex and costly challenge.

This whitepaper, “Harnessing Data In Motion,” from Cloudera and sponsored by Carahsoft describes how Cloudera DataFlow supports government data movement and processing. A simple, flexible, open-ended solution is required to streamline access to both structured and unstructured data from sources from the edge and across the enterprise so agencies can use their legacy and modernized systems to take advantage of the new insights available.

For science and research agencies, as well as other data-intensive government entities, CDF delivers key insights with streaming analytics. It accelerates ROI on big data by analyzing streaming data for patterns, comparing the outputs with machine learning models, and delivering actionable intelligence.

Government needs a simplified approach to building complex data pipelines. CDF’s visual interface makes it easy for users to construct sophisticated data flows for data ingestion, transformation and enrichment from a variety of streaming sources.

Download this white paper, “Harnessing Data In Motion,” to lean how Cloudera DataFlow helps agencies manage data from edge to cloud.