GIGABYTE Partners with Canonical to Certify Servers for Ubuntu

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February 15th 2022 – High performance server and workstation maker GIGABYTE Technology today announced a partnership with Canonical to certify servers for the Ubuntu Server operating system to enable systems to be “quickly and confidently deployed,” GIBABYTE said.

As part of GIGABYTE’s commitment to certifying enterprise solutions and to help customers with rapid deployment, GIGABYTE routinely works with partners to get server qualifications that ensure the software will be compatible with the hardware and the systems will be able to get up and running in no time. Partnering with Canonical further extends the depth of certification that GIGABYTE provides to better support end users with their flavor of OS.

Among the choices of Linux operating systems, Ubuntu has emerged as the most popular choice as users enjoy the long-term support and reliability that come from Canonical. When it comes to the public cloud, Linux desktop or IoT, Ubuntu has a dominant presence. Additionally, developers appreciate the ability to work across platforms (desktop, public/private cloud, edge, IoT) consistently and efficiently particularly on AI, machine learning, and deep learning projects.

To receive certification from Canonical, systems must meet a number of performance and reliability criteria. Hardware and operating system tests ensure compatibility with Ubuntu Server OS for the two most recent Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) versions. It should be possible to provision the ser ver with an operating system using metal as a service (MAAS) to change bare metal into an elastic cloud-like resource. Additional criteria cover stress testing, network bandwidth and storage I/O testing.

In the near future customers will be able to find GIGABYTE servers on Canonical’s website that are Ubuntu certified servers, and the GIGABYTE R181-N20 is the first Ubuntu certified server to support Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS. And this list will expand as customers approach us wanting to get GIGABYTE servers certified for Ubuntu. To learn how GIGABYTE can help you get our server certified, email us directly at