Hyperion Research: 2021 HPC Market Growth Up 13.8% Over Previous Year

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HPC industry analyst firm Hyperion Research today announced overall spending for HPC grew from $30.6 billion (USD) in 2020 to $34.8 billion (USD) in 2021, counting both on-premises and cloud spending, an increase of 13.8 percent.

Total on-prem HPC server sales for 2021 reached $14.8 billion (USD) reflecting a strong 9.1 percent growth over the previous year. The total number of base processors sold came in at 4.3 million along with an additional 291 thousand GPUs and accelerators. That represents a 44.1 percent increase over 2020 for GPUs/accelerators.

Looking at the bigger picture of the on-prem market by folding in the on-prem servers, storage, software, applications and repair services, Hyperion Research analysis shows a strong and vibrant HPC ecosystem for 2021 of $29.7 billion (USD).

An additional HPC market segment that Hyperion Research tracks closely is the use of public clouds for HPC workloads. For 2021, that market segment represents an additional $5.1 billion (USD) spending on HPC. This represents a noteworthy 18.6% growth over 2020.

According to Hyperion Research CEO Earl Joseph, “We were surprised at how well the HPC market is doing given the Covid situation and economic difficulties. The growth clearly shows that HPC vendors have been doing an excellent job at addressing the difficult supply chain problems. The growth is heavily driven by new technologies and new ways of using HPC, for example in AI, machine learning, big data, and new users moving into HPC to solve their problems.”

“Countries and companies around the world continue to recognize the value of being innovative and investing in R&D to advance society, grow revenues, reduce costs, and become more competitive,” said Hyperion Research Senior Vice President of Research Bob Sorensen.

Joseph continued, “The effort behind our market growth analysis and forecasting is significant and comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. Our analyst team and research staff carefully follow the market trends via thousands of surveys of end users and buyers, combined with quarterly reviews of the numbers with each HPC supplier. The Hyperion Research HPC numbers have been reviewed every quarter by each vendor for over 30 years. As always, we welcome comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvement.”