SiPearl Collaborates with NVIDIA on Accelerated Computing with European Microprocessor

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Maisons-Laffitte, France, May 29, 2022 — SiPearl, the European company designing the microprocessor for exascale supercomputing, and NVIDIA announce a collaboration to provide a joint offering combining SiPearl HPC microprocessors with NVIDIA accelerated computing and networking portfolio.

The two organizations said they will develop a proxy platform for porting activities and SVE workload analysis combining SiPearl CPU (such as HBM memory) and NVIDIA GPU (including massive parallelism and throughput). The collaboration will include joint efforts with third-party European research institutions on elements such as SoC and NoC simulation capabilities in open-source and research-oriented modeling tools.

On the software side, the two companies “will accelerate the development and growth of the Arm HPC ecosystem working closely with several European Centres of Excellence,” SiPearl said in its announcement. “On the hardware side, SiPearl and NVIDIA will work together to make sure the NVIDIA accelerated computing and networking portfolio continue to work seamlessly with SiPearl ‘Rhea’ and future CPUs.”

“This collaboration with NVIDIA will expand the ecosystem of acceleration solutions provided in combination with SiPearl HPC microprocessors,” SiPearl said. “With this partnership, SiPearl extends its portfolio of partner acceleration solutions. The objective is to offer the best combinations to perfectly meet the application needs of the European HPC community across the strategic fields of academic, artificial intelligence, health, climate, energy, engineering, geology and government.”

“As the European leader in HPC and AI, we’re glad to see SiPearl collaborate with NVIDIA to provide optimized ARM-based compute and AI solutions, as well as future exascale designs, to the local HPC ecosystem,” said Emmanuel le Roux, Global SVP, Head of HPC AI & Quantum, Atos.

“We welcome this collaboration with the global No 1 GPU provider for HPC, NVIDIA. This partnership will dramatically enrich our joint offering of our HPC microprocessors with partner acceleration solutions, providing choice to European supercomputer end-users,” said Philippe Notton, SiPearl’s CEO and founder.

“HPC research has the potential to transform society with beneficial discoveries,” said Marc Hamilton, vice president of Solutions Architecture and Engineering at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA is collaborating with SiPearl, a leading innovator using Arm based CPUs to integrate NVIDIA accelerated computing and equip HPC researchers with the extreme performance demanded by next-generation applications to fuel these discoveries.”

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