Sustainable Data Center Technology Company Asperitas in CEO Transition

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Amsterdam – May 3, 2022 – Immersion cooling specialist Asperitas announced Ronald Monster is stepping into the position of CEO following a milestone with a new investor and prepares the award-winning company for a prosperous year ahead.
Combining a career in large corporations like KPMG Management and Shell with a career as MD of small to medium sized companies, Ronald Monster will now take over from Rolf Brink, who founded Asperitas in 2014 and developed the Immersed Computing® concept driving the innovative Asperitas immersion cooling systems. This smooth transition is facilitated by a close collaboration over the past 1,5 years, in which Ronald, as MD of Asperitas, and Rolf have worked closely together to facilitate fundamental developments within the solid scale-up.
Ronald brings both professional management experience and practical entrepreneurial skills. At Shell, he had several management roles in the marketing and sales of fuels. As a former MD of a start-up that developed maintenance systems for large aircrafts, and once again an MD of a scale-up in the horti-tech sector, Ronald knows what it takes to grow a thriving technology scale-up company like Asperitas. Speaking of his appointment to CEO, Ronald Monster said: “I am thrilled to have this opportunity to lead the management team at Asperitas. I have big shoes to fill, following on from an ambassador like Rolf, but I am proud to have the opportunity to head up a team that provides such highly experienced knowledge, service and support for our customers. Asperitas is going through a rapid growth phase and significant product innovations are planned for 2022. I am proud to be part of this challenging time, especially working with a team so dedicated to making datacentres more sustainable.”
To strengthen the company’s future success, Rolf Brink will continue to provide his support as a non-executive board member and as an independent advisor to Asperitas. “As former CEO, shareholder and investor, I am extremely proud and happy that we’re able to appoint Ronald as the new CEO of Asperitas.” said Rolf Brink. “Ronald is a highly skilled professional who has been instrumental in structuring the company. I’m confident that Ronald will be able to guide Asperitas into the next stages and strengthen the foundation upon which this company can grow and expand throughout the world. Over the years, we have brought the best of the best on board, coming up with ground-breaking and disruptive technologies to help advance the immersion industry into a new era of datacentre efficiency, through Immersed Computing®. Such pioneering work is incredibly exciting, and I have enjoyed every second of it so far.”
Rolf will keep supporting Asperitas as a shareholder and investor by taking on the role as non-executive board member. He will also continue to be involved in various strategic relations to advance the adoption of liquid cooling, especially immersion, whilst also working as an independent consultant. 2022 will see Asperitas continuing to make significant efforts to further reduce datacentre energy costs and their environmental footprint whilst creating a huge impact on performance, efficiency and sustainability.