Pasqal Named a 2022 Gartner Cool Vendor in Quantum Computing

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Paris, June 21, 2022 – Pasqal, a neutral atoms quantum computing company, today announced the company has been named a 2022 Cool Vendor in Quantum Computing by Gartner. This report is designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services.

The ‘Cool Vendors in Quantum Computing’ report by Gartner noted, “Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Quantum Computing are focused on enabling enterprises to devise strategies that maximize value capture from emergent quantum innovations. Doing so requires enterprises to explore diverse quantum computing systems, and partnering with software and services providers who can help identify enterprise-aligned use cases and pathways to create sustainable solutions.”

Gartner also noted in the report, “(The) pace of quantum computing innovation continues to accelerate, with new technologies and services providers unlocking access to potential quantum value. I&O leaders must evaluate emerging vendors to maximize value capture potential from emerging quantum computing innovations.”

Among the report’s key findings were:

  • “Innovations in neutral atom technologies are enabling providers to devise larger, more scalable systems technology augmented with software and services designed to identify sustainable implementation pathways.”
  • “Innovation in quantum systems technologies continues to ramp up with significant improvements in devising, controlling and scaling quantum systems that offer the promise of increased resiliency and scalability of usable qubits.”

Pasqal’s quantum computing technology controls neutral atoms (atoms possessing an equal number of electrons and protons) with optical “tweezers,” using laser light to engineer full-stack processors with high scalability, unprecedented connectivity and long coherence times. Pasqal’s processors have already reached 100 qubits, and the company is set to deliver a 1000-qubit quantum processor to the market by 2023, on pace with the announced roadmaps of the most advanced quantum platforms. Its software-agnostic quantum processing units can operate at room temperature with lower energy, allowing the company to address complex problems more efficiently than classical computers.  

“We believe that being recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor validates our efforts to make quantum computing accessible across industries through neutral atom technology,” said Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO and founder of Pasqal. “We have demonstrated our technology’s potential to solve real-world challenges in global industries including energy, finance and automotive, and we look forward to the future solutions our technology can bring to the world’s most critical challenges.”

Pasqal’s customers include Johnson & Johnson, LG, Airbus, BMW Group, EDF, Thales, MBDA, and Credit Agricole CIB.