Green Revolution Cooling Onboards Castrol to ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program for Immersion Cooling

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AUSTIN and LEWISTON, NY – March 6, 2023 –  Immersion cooling company GRC (Green Revolution Cooling) announced today that lubricant company Castrol will join GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, a platform designed to advance the performance of single-phase immersion cooling fluids.

GRC’s ElectroSafe range of liquid coolants are deployed in 22 countries. The range is intended to provide high-performance, earth-friendly, synthetic coolants. Under the ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, Castrol and GRC will jointly evaluate and gather fluid test data through a proprietary protocol to optimize material compatibility, safety, and thermal performance. This will provide GRC’s customers around the world with an expanded range of trusted fluids for their unique data center requirements.

“Castrol is excited to join GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program and expand its presence in the data center immersion cooling space,” said Matthias Donner, VP Advanced Mobility & Industrial Products at Castrol. “Making Castrol’s immersion cooling fluid expertise and technology available to GRC’s customers will enable both organizations to accelerate progress in the growing immersion cooling industry, collaborate to advance the performance of single-phase immersion cooling fluids, and contribute towards improving the sustainability of data center operations globally.”

Castrol will provide its Castrol ON Immersion Cooling Fluids which are designed to maximize data center cooling efficiency, offer enhanced equipment protection and can help safeguard against facility downtime by comprehensive material testing. The fluid is designed to improve thermal management performance and is characterized by a very low viscosity, high fluid stability for enhanced safety, and strong electrical component compatibility.

“With Castrol joining the ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program, GRC will add another immersion cooling fluid for its global customer base,” said Ben Smith, Chief Product Officer at GRC. “The Castrol ON portfolio of immersion coolants will enable our customers to experience advanced performance without compromising on long-term material compatibility, while improving the energy and water efficiency of their data center operations.”