10th ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge Finals to Begin on May 6 in China and Virtually

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BEIJING – The 10th ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge Finals will be held at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei from May 6 to 10, 2023.

The event organizers said that out of over 300 teams from universities worldwide, 24 have advanced to the finals. The top 20 teams from the Chinese mainland will participate in the finals on-site, while the top 4 teams from outside of the Chinese mainland will participate virtually using the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform. All the teams will be challenged with tasks such as large language model, DeePMD, WRF-Hydro, high-performance benchmarks HPL and HPCG, group competition, and a mystery application. They will also present themselves before the jury, competing for awards such as the Champion, Silver Prize, the Highest LINPACK, and e Prize.

ASC has a commitment to guide students in solving cutting-edge scientific tasks using supercomputers and to cultivate young talent. The focus of the 10th ASC finals will be on cutting-edge scientific issues, such as LLM, AI + science, and hydrological models. The e Prize will be awarded for the large language model task, where competitors are required to build a mini-language model based on a 100-GB high-quality dataset provided by the ASC Committee. Teams must design the model without any reference and use optimal training strategies to achieve the best performance.

DeePMD, the winner of the 2020 Gordon Bell Prize, challenges participants to explore the frontiers of machine learning and molecular dynamics through a combination of artificial intelligence and scientific research. To succeed in this challenge, participants must have a deep understanding of DeePMD’s modeling process and optimize the training process with high-performance computing. This challenge will test the students’ ability to schedule and optimize large-scale high-performance hardware, and guide them in deeper understanding of AI, science, and HPC.

In addition to the main challenges, the finals will also feature a Group Competition to promote cross-team collaboration among students. All participants will be randomly assigned to one of four groups, which will include one virtual team. All teams must cooperate with each other to complete the challenge.

The finals will bring together powerful teams from universities such as Tsinghua University – the champion of ISC22, Jinan University – the champion of ASC20-21 onsite, the University of Science and Technology of China- the host, Zhejiang University – the winner of the preliminary round, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Many new teams will also participate in the finals, including Universidad EAFIT, Lanzhou University, Shanxi University, Southern University of Science and Technology. There is also a lot of excitement about the debuting teams of Shanghai University and Qilu University of Technology for making their first ASC finals appearance this year.

About ASC

The ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge is the world’s largest student supercomputer competition, sponsored and organized by the Asia Supercomputer Community with support from experts and institutions across Asia, Europe, and America. The main objectives of ASC are to encourage the exchange and training of young supercomputing talent from different countries, improve supercomputing applications and R&D capacity, boost the development of supercomputing, and promote technical and industrial innovation. The first ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge was held in 2012 and has since attracted over 10,000 undergraduates from all over the world. Learn more about ASC at http://asc-events.org/