Mona Introduces Free, Self-Service Monitoring for GPT Applications

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ATLANTA & TEL AVIV, June 29, 2023 – Mona, maker of an intelligent monitoring platform, has unveiled a new monitoring solution for GPT-based applications. The free, self-service offering provides businesses with granular visibility into GPT-based products and valuable insights into costs, performance, and quality.

Large language models (LLMs), and specifically OpenAI’s GPT models, have attracted many engineering and data science teams today to move resources to integrate them into production applications and processes. Hyro, a leader in plug and play conversational AI, primarily for the healthcare industry, leverages LLMs responsibly to power specific skills for health systems, such as site search and answering FAQs. To optimize the performance of LLMs in their user-facing and backend systems, Hyro has deployed Mona to track metrics such as token usage, API performance, and LLM response quality.

“We have been using Mona’s AI monitoring solution for the past few years, and their recent GPT integration has already been beneficial for us,” said Nitzan Bar, Chief Architect at Hyro. “The integration process was seamless, in which we received valuable insights that helped us address issues in both the efficiency and quality of our GPT usage.”

Mona helps organizations alleviate poor visibility and performance degradation for GPT-based applications by providing teams with a holistic monitoring solution. Mona ensures efficient and high-quality GPT products by providing teams with early alerts and detailed information on problematic issues including anomalous API usage, privacy concerns, and low-quality prompts.

Mona also helps businesses to identify areas of high token usage, thus enabling significant cost reduction. “Our user research showed us that while adoption in applications for LLMs and specifically OpenAI’s GPT is growing exponentially, concerns and uncertainty are growing at a similar pace,” said Itai Bar-Sinai, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at Mona. “Our new GPT integration allows teams an incredibly quick and cheap way to address these concerns, and make sure they are not blind when using this rapidly evolving technology.”