@HPCpodcast: Evaluating Specialty AI Chips at Argonne’s AI Testbed

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Venkat Vishwanath

Our latest episode of @HPCpodcast delves into the Cambrian explosion of AI specialty chips – of which there so many have been released on the HPC-AI market that it’s hard to discern which chip is right for what workload. Hence the AI Testbed at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility.

Shahin and Doug spoke with Venkat Vishwanath, Data Science Team Lead at ALCF and a Gordon Bell Prize finalist, joins us to discuss the Testbed’s mission and the lessons learned while working with such processors as those from Cerebras, Graphcore, SambaNova, Habana, Groq, Untetherr AI, Tenstorrent, Esperanto and others. Users rely on the Testbed facility to evaluate these accelerators from a usability and performance standpoint.

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