HPC News Bytes 20230911: NVIDIA LLM Inferencing; Honeywell and Quantinuum; TSMC in Silicon Photonics; Microsoft Copilot AI Indemnification

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As we reflect on the events of 9/11/2001 (it’s still living hell no matter how long ago it happened), let’s quickly (4:52) review last week’s HPC news highlights, including:

– NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, a new effort by the company accompanied by nearly a dozen AI companies (and Meta) to accelerate large language model inferencing

– Honeywell integrates quantum-hardened encryption keys from Quantinuum into smart utility meters, Quantiuuum being the result of a merger between Cambridge Quantum and Honeywell

– TSMC enters the silicon photonics arena, leveraging its advanced chip fab capabilities

– Microsoft says it will defend and pay judgements for Copilot AI customers who use the product’s anti-copyright infringement features

– Hyperion Research hosts another content-rich HPC User Forum in Tucson

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