HPC News Bytes 20230925: Intel to Build AI Supercomputer, SambaNova’s AI Chip, AFRL’s 12 PFLOP System, Nuclear Power for HPC

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A happy belated autumnal equinox to you! Here’s a jaunt (4:46) through recent HPC news, including:

– Intel announces plans to build AI supercomputer for UK company Stability AI; also, the company says it will collaborate with Dell Technologies on AI solutions.

– Samba Nova’s new SN40L AI specialty chip for LLMs up to 5 trillion parameters

– Air Force Research Lab’s 12 PFlop system

– Small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) for powering data centers, supercomputing centers

– CHIPS & Science Act: DOD awards $238 million for eight Microelectronics Commons Regional Innovation Hubs

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