QuEra and Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology Partner on Quantum in Sejong City, South Korea 

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BOSTON and SEJONG CITY, South Korea and DAEJEON, South Korea  – September 14, 2023 – Neutral-atom quantum comuting company QuEra Computing, the Sejong Special Autonomous City, and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) are partnering to establish a quantum industry ecosystem in Sejong City, Korea. The three-way partnership was announced today during the 24th World Knowledge Forum Sejong session.

The organizations said Sejong City was selected because it’s an R&D huband “situated near renowned academic institutions like KAIST, (contributing) to its reputation as a center of intellectual exploration and innovation.”

Based in Boston and built on research from Harvard University and MIT, QuEra said it has developed the world’s first publicly accessible quantum computer based on neutral atoms. It currently offers users up to 256 qubits on its Aquila-class machines and is working towards scaling up to higher numbers. KAIST is a gateway to advanced science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The organizations said the collaboration was spurred by the Korea-US Joint Statement on Quantum Information Science and Technology Cooperation, which was made during President Yoon Seok-yeol’s visit to Boston in April. The subsequent hosting of Quantum Korea 2023 in June reflect the current policy direction aligned with the nation’s commitment to nurturing the quantum industry. “South Korea’s vision is to emerge as a leading nation in the quantum economy, and as a part of that vision, Sejong City’s plan is to foster core talents in quantum computing and technological development to synergize future national quantum projects,” the said.

Aspects of the agreement include:

  • Building infrastructure and R&D for the quantum computing industry.

  • Developing educational programs to nurture local quantum experts.

  • Cooperating on international academic exchanges.

  • Conducting joint efforts to secure government public procurement projects.

  • Collaborating to raise awareness about the importance of quantum computing in academic and industrial environments.

“Quantum science and technology, which can be applied to computers, communications, and sensors, is seen as a game-changer that can rapidly transform future industries,” said Sejong Mayor Choi Min-ho. “However, it is still an emerging technology with no clear leader. With this business agreement with KAIST and QuEra, we will strive to establish strategic plans for the quantum industry, explore additional projects, and ensure that Sejong City leaps forward as a hub for quantum science and technology.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with Sejong City and KAIST, two leaders in technological innovation and education. This partnership is more than a business agreement; it’s a commitment to advancing the quantum frontier,” said Alex Keesling, CEO, QuEra Computing, “By combining QuEra’s cutting-edge neutral-atom quantum computing capabilities with Sejong City’s visionary infrastructure and KAIST‘s academic excellence, we are helping shape the future of quantum computing in South Korea and beyond. Together, we will unlock new possibilities in quantum science, from research and development to education and public awareness. This is an exciting moment for all involved, and we look forward to a future where quantum computing is not just an experimental endeavor but a transformative force across industries.”