Eviden Expands Partnership with CryptoNext Security

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Paris – October 11, 2023 – Eviden, an Atos Group business, today announces its Trustway IP Protect IPSec network security solution will soon support post-quantum algorithms, and expands strategic partnership with CryptoNext Security, a post-quantum cryptography company.

As quantum computers are a soon-to-become reality, Eviden anticipates its arrival along with its associated security risks by upgrading its Trustway portfolio to be “post-quantum ready”. Trustway IP Protect will enable customers to migrate progressively towards hybrid encryption solutions, thanks to the integration of post-quantum cryptographic algorithms from CryptoNext Security.

With the latest upgrade of Trustway IP Protect, which will be available in Q1 2024, Eviden has effectively implemented the ANSSI recommendations1 that advocate a gradual, step-by-step transition towards post-quantum solutions. The primary objective is to progressively increase trust in post-quantum algorithms and their uses, while safeguarding the integrity of traditional (pre-quantum) security measures to prevent any setbacks.

Trustway IP Protect is designed to protect customers from the risks of economic espionage and intrusion into IT infrastructures. Based on a crypto module developed in France Trustway IP Protect range offers the most advanced security features to protect communications up to sensitive environments. It is currently going through the ANSSI2 Standard Qualification (ANSSI QS) and Common Certified EAL4 certification processes, to ensure the highest level of confidentiality to network communications protection.

“We strive to deliver innovative, high-security systems which are future-ready. Through our continued and sustainable partnership with CryptoNext teamed with our own cryptographic systems expertise, we are supporting our partners and customers with our future-proof solutions in order to be prepared for the post-quantum era.” said Philippe Duluc, Chief Technology Officer, Big Data and Security activities at Eviden, Atos Group.

Jean-Charles Faugère, Founder and CTO of CryptoNext Security added: “This is a high recognition from an undisputed global and European leader for CryptoNext Security leadership in PQC systems and solutions migration. Scaling up after our involvement in the Proteccio PQC announcement, we are proud to contribute to such excellence and sovereign solutions, leveraging Eviden’s reputation for long-term innovation and market accuracy. Such an announcement also demonstrates the value of our long-term partnership.”

Post-quantum cryptography is at the core of Eviden’s work, with the launch of the first ‘post-quantum ready’ Hardware Security Module and digital identity solutions earlier this year. In addition, the Atos Group, through its Eviden business line, is a pioneer in quantum computing. The Group launched the first quantum emulator on the market in 2016 and now offers the most powerful quantum computing application development platform, coupled with a consultancy offering that accelerates real quantum applications through all-in-one capabilities and a best-in-class development environment.