@HPCpodcast: Alain Andreoli Kicks Off Our ‘Industry View’ Series

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The @HPCpodcast is starting a new feature – “Industry View,” in which we look at HPC, AI, quantum and other advanced technologies through the lens of industry leaders. In this episode, we offer a lively conversation with Alain Andreoli, a longtime luminary of HPC and IT.

For more than seven years, Andreoli was with HPE, where he served as group president and executive vice president of the Hybrid IT Group, helping shape HPE’s strategy for HPC, including the acquisition of SGI in 2017. Earlier he was at Sun Microsystems where he was president of the European operations. He was also a senior executive at NTT, Oracle and Texas Instruments.

In this conversation, we cover a gamut of topics regarding HPC, including HPC at the edge, the march to exascale, the impact of HPC-AI, the growing importance of the software stack and its convergence with the commercial IT market and the impact of cloud on extreme scale HPC.

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