IU’s GlobalNOC in Data Transfer Agreement with Rubin Observatory

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Bloomington, IN — The Global Network Operations Center at Indiana University, or GlobalNOC, has signed a four-year agreement in partnership with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory as its inaugural virtual network operations center (VNOC). GlobalNOC will help ensure the transfer of the observatory’s astronomical data from its remote location in Chile to data repositories in the United States and other destinations.

“This endeavor represents a significant step forward in GlobalNOC’s mission to contribute to scientific research, education, and the advancement of knowledge by supporting critical infrastructure in astronomy and beyond,” said David Ripley, director of software and systems engineering for GlobalNOC. “This collaboration allows us to play a vital role in the advancement of astronomical research and brings us closer to the incredible science, research, and education that drives our work.”

The Rubin Observatory, currently under construction on a mountaintop in Chile, is a monumental undertaking in the world of astronomy. When completed in 2024, the project will produce the deepest, widest image of the universe as part of a 10-year survey of the Southern Hemisphere sky (referred to as the Legacy Survey of Space and Time).

Its powerful telescope will capture daily, high-resolution images with its wide-field, ground-based telescope, featuring an 8.4-meter mirror, a 3,200 megapixel camera, and an automated data processing system. The telescope will generate about 20 terabytes of data every 24 hours. Put another way, “It would take you over three years of watching Netflix, or over 50 years of listening to Spotify, to use that amount of data,” according to the Rubin website.

The GlobalNOC team, with more than 25 years of expertise in networking and network operations, will ensure the efficient and secure transfer of this massive amount of data from Chile to scientists around the world. GlobalNOC will work in tandem with multiple network providers, including ESnet, AmLight, NCSA, REUNA, and RENATER, to create a robust network path for the seamless transfer of data from the observatory to its designated repositories.

In this role, GlobalNOC will consolidate information from these diverse networks to provide enhanced visibility, notifications, and support for the project’s stakeholders. These efforts will optimize the observatory’s data transfer and pave the way for the success of its scientific mission.

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