SC23 Prep: HPC Experts on Sessions to See and Trends to Watch in Denver

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SC23 is around the corner, and there’s an aura surrounding this year’s annual conference. With the advent of ChaptGPT, large language models and generative AI, HPC — in combination with AI — has truly moved to the center of the global IT stage, with massive economic, national competitiveness and geopolitical implications.

Getting the most out of the conference in Denver next week calls for good preparation, so as an assist to attendees we spoke with four industry experts – Sunita Chandrasekaran of the University of Delaware and the Exascale Computing Project, Earl Joseph of Hyperion Research, Lois Curfman McInnes of Argonne National Laboratory and Addison Snell of Intersect360 Research – about conference events, keynotes and potential news developments they think will be worthy of your attention.

We discuss key technologies that will be covered by sessions and BOFs along with significant HPC market trends, including HPC-AI, cloud HPC, leadership-class exascale systems, the need for greater diversity and new talent streams in HPC.

We hope you find the conversation helpful.