@HPCpodcast: A Parting Look at 2023 — What a Year for HPC-AI!

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As we embark on 2024, Shahin and Doug offer this 2023 Year in Review special edition looking back at one of the most eventful years in the recent history of HPC, AI, quantum computing, open source and other advanced technologies. Throughout the year, major HPC-AI developments lit up technology trade media — and the global business and news media.
The list below includes time stamps and associated topics:
02:00 – HPC
03:45 – AI
08:03 – Metaverse
12:01 – Chips, GPUs, Accelerators
    14:00 – GPU Competition
15:46 – Open Source
17:54 – Aurora Supercomputer
    20:21 – TOP500
    20:55 – Cloud in TOP10
    21:53 – China
24:15 – HPC in Europe
25:55 – Quantum Computing
30:12 – Photonics
31:35 – Cryptocurrencies
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