D-Wave Joins with Deloitte Canada on Quantum

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BURNABY, B.C., PALO ALTO, Calif., TORONTO — January 23, 2024 — Quantum computing company D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) announced an alliance with Deloitte Canada to expedite the exploration and adoption of quantum computing solutions among governments and businesses in Canada. This collaboration with D-Wave aims to accelerate the adoption of near-term quantum technologies, such as annealing quantum computing and quantum-hybrid, to tackle key computationally complex challenges faced by the public sector in Canada.

“D-Wave has been working with Deloitte in the United States on a variety of different use cases related to transportation and national security,” said Irwan Owen, vice president of growth for D-Wave. “We are excited to be expanding our relationship into Canada and bringing the computational power of quantum to help transform the Canadian government’s operations and fuel innovation.”

Deloitte and D-Wave view the power of quantum computing as transformational for governments.  From optimizing infrastructure and transportation to addressing the needs of citizens through a more reliant energy grid and improved emergency response, there are a variety of public sector problems facing Canada that could benefit from today’s quantum computing technologies. Quantum computing works synergistically with other technologies including cloud, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing, allowing for greater computational power to solve complex problems. This strategic alliance brings together the well-established professional services of Deloitte with the quantum expertise of D-Wave to align with the Canadian national quantum strategy.

“Governments have the challenging mandate to deliver services to industry and citizens in an increasingly complex and changing environment. Emerging technologies, such as quantum computing, can play an important role,” said Andrew Pau, transport sector leader for the government and public services (G&PS) industry at Deloitte Canada. “We’re excited to join forces with D-Wave to lead a transformational shift that will more effectively address Canada’s toughest problems, especially those in transportation and logistics, to drive efficiencies, sustainability, and prosperity for Canada.”