Applied Digital Wins Contract with Together AI

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DALLAS, March 14, 2024 — Applied Digital Corporation (Nasdaq: APLD), a designer, builder, and operator of digital infrastructure designed for HPC applications, today announced the onboarding of Together AI. Applied Digital received a contract prepayment of $18 million as part of the $75 million contract, and it has onboarded a compute cluster of GPUs and has provided access to its second cluster.

Together AI is a research-driven artificial intelligence company contributing to open-source research, models, and datasets to advance the frontier of AI. The company’s decentralized cloud services empower developers and researchers at organizations of all sizes to train, fine-tune, and deploy generative AI models.

Together AI will be running on Applied Digital’s dynamic computing ecosystem, custom-built to meet the rigors of AI’s demanding tasks and data-rich optimizations. The structure boasts H100 GPUs and is seamlessly interconnected via high-speed InfiniBand fabric, delivering an aggregated bandwidth of 3.2 Tbps. The communication between the GPUs will be enhanced by NVIDIA’s NVLink technology, adhering to an optimized Rail Design.

“Our partnership with Together AI highlights the effectiveness of our cloud service in propelling forward-thinking AI ventures towards scalability,” said Applied Digital CEO and Chairman Wes Cummins. “This onboarding reaffirms Applied Digital’s overarching mission to empower pioneering AI innovators through our comprehensive service offerings.”

“Applied Digital’s robust computing infrastructure and next-generation datacenter design, specifically tailored for demanding AI tasks, align with our commitment to innovation,” said Vipul Ved Prakash, CEO of Together AI. “This collaboration allows us to provide scalable capacity to our thousands of startup and enterprise customers who are building new AI models and applications on our platform.”

With the surging power requirements of AI, the HPC markets are experiencing exponential growth, projected to reach a global revenue of $65.12 billion by 2030(1). We believe Applied Digital is poised to capitalize on this momentum, spearheading advancements in these complementary sectors.

To learn more about the Applied Digital and Together AI partnership, please read our recent blog post titled “Together AI and Applied Digital — Advancing the frontiers of AI”


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