XConn Releases Silicon Samples of Apollo CXL 2.0 Switch

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – March 26, 2024 – HPC and AI interconnect company XConn Technologies today announced the release of early production samples for its “Apollo” CXL 2.0 switch, which the company will demonstrate with Samsung during MemCon 2024, March 26-27, in Mountain View, Calif.

The XConn Apollo switch is the industry’s first and only hybrid CXL 2.0 and PCIe Gen 5 interconnect solution. On a single 256-lane SoC, the XConn switch offers the industry’s lowest port-to-port latency and lowest power consumption per port in a single chip at a low total cost of ownership. Designed for seamless use with Samsung DRAM Memory Expander supporting CXL, XConn Apollo removes the traditional memory barriers to revolutionize memory architecture.

“Together with the CXL community, XConn is revolutionizing the memory landscape to unlock technology innovation and application performance, for generative AI as well as general cloud computing,” said Gerry Fan, CEO, XConn. “Today’s release of production silicon samples of our Apollo CXL 2.0 switch marks a new milestone in our next-generation interconnect journey. We are now empowering the realization of CXL’s promise and showing its practical use with a CXL memory pool.”

“At MemCon 2024, Samsung is excited to showcase the real-world value of CXL memory technology in action,” said Dr. Sungwook Ryu, Head of Samsung Semiconductor Memory Solutions Lab. “We strongly support the collaborative CXL ecosystem and will continue to work with CXL players to accelerate the adoption of this memory innovation. XConn CXL switch SoC chip is used in Samsung CMM-B (CXL Memory Module – Box).”

The XConn and Samsung demonstration will be featured during MemCon 2024, March 26-27, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. in the Samsung booth. For more information on MemCon 2024 visit: https://www.memorycon.com/events/memorycon.

Available now in production samples, the XConn Apollo switch also supports a PCIe Gen 5 only mode for AI-intensive applications and is a key component in Open Accelerator Module (OAM), Just-a-bunch-of-GPUs (JBOG) and Just-a-Bunch-of-Accelerators (JBOA) environments. It features full support for CXL 2.0, is backwards compatible with CXL 1.1 and supports PCIe Gen 5 in hybrid mode. For customer samples and/or Apollo reference boards, contact XConn at xconn-tech.com.

About XConn Technologies

XConn Technologies Holdings, Inc. (XConn) is the innovation leader in next-generation interconnect technology for high-performance computing and AI applications. The company is the industry’s first to deliver a hybrid switch supporting both CXL 2.0 and PCIe Gen5 on a single chip. Privately funded, XConn is setting the benchmark for data center interconnect with scalability, flexibility and performance. For more information visit: xconn-tech.com.