Jump Trading Selects DDN for AI Quantitative Trading

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CHATSWORTH, Calif. – April 24, 2024 – Data management company DDN has announced that quantitative trading firm Jump Trading has selected DDN for its high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure to accelerate its AI-driven quantitative trading strategies.

“At Jump, we consider our research to be our competitive edge, and we believe that DDN’s SSD QLC based storage system will support our research computing environment to ensure optimal performance, scalability and reliability,” said Alex Davies, chief technology officer at Chicago-based Jump Trading. “We need resilient and very high-performance infrastructure to support our workflows, and DDN’s solution is the right choice for our needs.”

“Delivering significant value in data center and AI operations and ROI is at the core of DDN’s technology and doing it for market leading global firms like Jump Trading is what we are all about,” said Sven Oehme, chief technology officer at DDN. “DDN is an enabler of full-stack on-premise data center and cloud value creation for traditional and generative AI, whether it’s in life science applications, autonomous driving, telcos, copilots, or in the case of Jump Trading, financial services.”

DDN’s storage solutions are designed to handle the most demanding AI and machine learning workloads, delivering unmatched performance, scalability and efficiency. By combining high-performance flash storage with intelligent data management software, DDN enables Jump Trading to accelerate data access, optimize storage resources and streamline AI and machine learning workflows. DDN SSD QLC appliances deliver the highest performance and massive capacity at an extremely attractive price point, eliminating tradeoffs between flash and hard disk drives or hybrid tiering solutions.

The collaboration between DDN and Jump Trading underscores the growing importance of high-performance storage in the financial services industry, particularly in the realm of AI-driven quantitative trading. As financial firms increasingly rely on AI and machine learning to gain a competitive edge, the need for robust, scalable and high-performance storage solutions has never been greater.

Watch this video for a comprehensive discussion between Jump Trading and DDN.

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