Panasas in Manufacturing and Fulfillment Partnership with Avnet 

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SAN JOSE, April 18, 2024 — Data solutions company Panasas and Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) today announced an agreement enabling Panasas to use Avnet Integrated, the systems integration arm of Avnet, as its primary manufacturing and fulfillment operations partner. Panasas said the partnership will enable Panasas to benefit from Avnet’s global supply chain and worldwide manufacturing footprint, “strengthening Panasas’ competitive position and ability to support its growth across the global HPC and AI storage market,” the company said.

“Avnet Integrated excels in optimizing IT product development, manufacturing at scale, and solutions deployment, globally. This enables our customers to increase their pace of innovation and ultimately elevate their competitiveness,” said Nicole Enright, President of Avnet Integrated. “The agreement with Panasas provides access to our global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, accelerating both time to market and time to scale, for their solutions. 

“One of my first goals when joining Panasas was to move to a best-in-class operational model that would enable greater supply chain efficiency and flexibility in order to meet the demand growth that we are seeing across our global customer base, while also accelerating our ability to bring a broader range of solutions to market. This agreement with Avnet Integrated is an important part of that journey,” said Ken Claffey, CEO at Panasas. “Our collaboration will enhance our ability to deliver compelling technical value with strong ROI to customers globally, thanks to Avnet’s comprehensive integration and worldwide supply chain proficiencies.


 Avnet Integrated will be the principal commercial manufacturing partner for Panasas worldwide. It will employ Avnet’s intelligent solutions for efficient supply chain management, integration, and international logistics. 

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