Quantum Corp. Announces ActiveScale All-Flash Object Storage for AI, Data Lakes and Storage Clouds 

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SAN JOSE, April 2, 2024 — Data management and storage company Quantum Corporation today announces ActiveScale Z200 all-flash object storage, designed to help customers accelerate mission-critical AI pipelines and massive data workflows.

This new solution extends Quantum’s all-flash leadership beyond Quantum Myriad and StorNext file system solutions to address S3-native use cases that require rapid data ingest, high-performance analysis, fast data retrieval, and long-term data preservation for compliance, AI models and unstructured data management. The ActiveScale Z200 appliance expands the award-winning ActiveScale portfolio to now include an all-flash option that delivers powerful new levels of throughput and transactional performance at any scale, from terabytes to exabytes. With the ActiveScale Z200, customers gain more agility and speed to build massive data lakes and storage clouds, ingest and prep raw data sets, optimize and run AI pipelines and other data-intensive workflows, and cost-effectively preserve and protect massive data sets.  

 “AI and other data-intensive business initiatives are driving the need for a simpler, easy-to-access infrastructure that provides both performance and cost efficiency at scale,” says Bruno Hald, vice president of secondary storage for Quantum. “With the introduction of the ActiveScale Z200, we are meeting the need for a fully integrated enterprise object storage solution that merges high-performance scale-out flash and scale-out tape libraries to build data lakes and storage clouds of outstanding scalability, simplicity, performance, and cost efficiency, without compromising data availability and long-term durability. With the ActiveScale Z200, our customers can extract even greater value from their digital assets quickly and efficiently.” 

 Quantum ActiveScale is a simple, reliable scale-out object storage platform built for always available access and massive scale, efficiently storing and protecting billions of objects with industry-leading durability. The all-flash ActiveScale Z200 delivers up to five times greater throughput (gigabytes per second) and up to nine times more transactions (objects per second) over traditional hard drive object storage solutions, dramatically expanding the applicability of ActiveScale to performance-oriented workloads including high-throughput data ingest, AI data preparation, training and inferencing, NoSQL databases, and content streaming. The ActiveScale Z200 enables high-performance analysis of object data sets at any scale to help customers achieve faster insight, discovery, and innovation.  

 ActiveScale is the industry’s only object storage platform architected for both active and cold data, making it uniquely suited for building massive data lakes, storage clouds, and long-term archives at up to 80% lower cost than alternative solutions. The ActiveScale Z200’s high throughput makes it particularly well suited for ingesting data into these large data stores, and with its unique ability to process and densely store metadata in flash for hundreds of billions of objects in the cold storage tier, the Z200 reduces overall footprint and cost. With fast and easy access through standard S3 Glacier interfaces, objects are easily restored in bulk within minutes for additional analysis, model recalibration, and re-monetization.  

 “The age of AI is upon us. Within our customer base, the desire to extract more value from their massive data assets is real and growing. Rapid analysis of content, on the scale of hundreds of petabytes, plus cost-effective management and preservation of this data is essential to meet their objectives,” says Brent Angle, chief technology officer for Cinesys.io, a leading broadcast and media systems integrator. “The ActiveScale Z200 all-flash solution will help our customers optimize their data infrastructure to innovate faster with confidence.”  

The ActiveScale Z200 all-flash object storage solution is available immediately. The solution is also available as software only and as-a-service. For more information, visit: www.quantum.com/object-storage. 

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