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Financial Risk Management Summit

logoDue to the changing financial environment, corporations must keep up with the continuous trends, get prepared for the arising challenges and learn how to stay ahead of the game.

In recent years, both the US and the EU market have started to adjust to the post-financial crisis status, while still paying attention to the importance of the emerging markets. Their Risk Culture objectives has been shifting; Market-,Credit- and Operational Risk still play an important part in Risk Management; however on one hand now organizations must prioritize on the Regulatory and Compliance Risk, and on the other put a vital focus on Cyber Risk. The fundamental aim for banks now is to stay liquid, ensure a credit Risk Cycle, and exploit their Credit Portfolio Management.

The Volatility vs. Stability, which is your path will bring together industry professionals from the banking, insurance and investment sector, uniting both the Corporate and Supervisory side of Risk Management. The event offers an excellent opportunity to meet with key decision makers, leading financial and banking experts in Risk Culture, and provides an outstanding platform to learn more about the best practices in Risk Management. Learn more.