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AMD Delays Barcelona Ramp-Up to Q1 2008

AMD has announced that it has revised its plan to ramp-up production [and subsequent availability] of the quad-core Barcelona chips from Q4 of 2007 to Q1 of 2008. In October, they stated that Barcelona silicon would be “widely available” by the end of the year. There has been widespread speculation that the major delay in […]

"Cluster" no longer a meaningful designation?

Writing in HPCwire last week Addison Snell argues briefly that it’s more meaningful to denote when a supercomputer isn’t a cluster than when it is, and looks at three new HPC startups: SiCortex, Liquid Computing, and Convey. I hadn’t heard of Convey.

Liquid posts stream results

Canadian-based Liquid Computing is announcing today that its LiquidIQ server has demonstrated world leading results for the STREAM Benchmark for 4 socket Second-Generation AMD Opteron processor-based servers. Using the latest AMD Opteron processors Model 8220 from AMD, LiquidIQ’s Compute Modules can provide more than 20,000 Megabytes per second on all of the STREAM Benchmark Bandwidth […]

Liquid database partnership

Liquid Computing announced last week that it has been working since January with Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Computer Science in Nova Scotia to advance the state of the art in parallel processing for very large databases: The partnership project…has already demonstrated the dramatic performance advantages of applying new computing architectures to data warehousing problems. …“We […]

How can we overcome bus saturation in multi-core systems?

Multi-core systems, in combination with specialized co-processors for hefty tasks, are hailed as the future of high-performance computing. In a bus-based architecture, the environment is an SMP in which all of the memory is accessible by all of the processors in the same amount of time. This setup works well for a few cores, but […]