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Throughout corporate America, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are beginning to deliver on the promise that first began in the 1950s. The idea, now realized, is that computers could be programmed to process large amounts of structured and/or unstructured data, and begin to recognize patterns, make predictions and “learn” from that data. Dubbed machine learning, this subclass of AI is somewhat limited by the fact that parameters must first be set for what the computer should be trying to recognize. Those inputs can be time-consuming. However, we are now moving towards a new aspect of AI: deep learning, whereby the need to physically input data qualification parameters is removed.

Today, through their ability to adapt, solve problems and simulate human intelligence, AI-based applications are being used across industries and sectors to supplement human ability. So, with the private sector already reaping tangible benefits from AI, where and how can government make best use of this technology? In this guide, we’ll explore the application of artificial Intelligence in government, the technologies making it possible, and the expertise and resources on-hand to ensure you can capitalize on your investment.

Read this report to:

  • Discover the latest technologies that underpin AI
  • Explore current machine learning applications in government
  • Learn from real-world success
  • See how government agencies can benefit from AI

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