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Floor space usage in the data center is an important, though often misunderstood aspect  of  liquid submersion  cooling. While it is true that horizontal liquid submersion cooling racks require more floor space per unit than vertical air cooling racks, space utilization becomes comparable between the two when considering that liquid submersion cooling racks can support higher power densities per rack and require very little accompanying infrastructure on the data  center floor.  On the other hand, while air-cooled system racks do have a smaller individual  unit footprint, they  are  less dense - meaning more units are required - and all the massive equipment necessary to the system takes up a very  large portion of the data center floor.  Indeed, in many situations,  liquid submersion   cooling supports significantly more server power per square foot, due to higher density in the unit, and the utilization of space which would house large equipment in an air-cooled system.

On the surface, the horizontal racks used in liquid submersion cooling give the impression that it requires more floor space than the standard vertical racks used in air cooled data centers. While this may appear to be true on a superficial level, a number of factors contribute to liquid submersion cooling boasting a reduced overall footprint when compared to air-cooling on a  per-server basis:

  • Liquid submersi on cooling supports much higher kW per  rack
  • Liquid submersi on cooli n g supports higher quantities of  server nodes per  square  f oot
  • Liquid submersion cooling eliminates ancillary cooling

equipment such as air-handlers, CRACs, and hot/cold aisles from data center white space

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