Industrial Servers Ramp Up AI for Robotic Arms

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Ramping up AI technology holds the key to deploying robotic arms at-scale. This case study from our friends over at Advantech explores the benefits of augmenting robotic arms with AI. It also explains how AI-ready industrial servers differ from a typical server found in a data center and looks at the partnership between Advantech and Micron for memory and storage powering AI in smart manufacturing.

Smart manufacturing is bringing sweeping changes to automated production and delivery of goods, and it’s leading to breakthroughs with artificial intelligence (AI) for many use cases. As applications of AI in smart  manufacturing grow, so does demand for AI-enabled industrial servers with GPUs handling inference and training workloads.

One emerging use case for AI in smart manufacturing is its use with robotic arms. These arms with actuators  and sensors move in precise sequences, lifting and positioning items safely – helping automate production  and increase throughput. However, as manufacturing scales, programming and optimizing a large fleet of robotic arms can become a bottleneck.

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