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This paper is intended to inform technical and business readers with I/O-intensive computing environments about a new software solution that manages at-scale flash to eliminate file system bottlenecks and voids old rules for application I/O optimization. DDN’s Infinite Memory Engine® (IME®) is a scale-out, flash-native, software-defined, storage cache that handles I/O very differently from conventional file systems. IME delivers new levels of I/O performance independent of total storage capacity. This new dimension in system architecture allows system designs with order of magnitude reductions in hardware.

Several key factors, both technological and commercial, are creating demand for a new approach to high performance I/O:
1. Non-volatile memory (NVM) device technologies are continuing to develop and improve, and media capacities are increasing rapidly
2. Diverse many-core processor strategies are pushing higher I/O volumes and more demanding I/O profiles
3. A new generation of high-business-value markets are taking advantage of analytics and machine learning and further stressing performance boundaries

To learn more download this white paper.

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