Intersect360 Research White Paper: Microsoft Azure Delivers HPC now into the Future with AMD

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While the need for scalability hasn’t changed, the nature of scalability in HPC has, in applications and  technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud. By combining traditional HPC and AI, researchers now strive  to reach more predictive answers, more often. Data-rich applications in manufacturing, genomics,  financial services, and oil exploration, among others, can be excellent fits for AI augmentation of HPC.

Highlighted in this white paper by Intersect360 Research, the fastest growing provider of HPC cloud solutions has been Microsoft Azure. Azure’s momentum is based on completeness of services and solutions for HPC, and this is reflected in the loyalty of Azure users. Microsoft Azure has a greater proportion of its HPC users  likely to increase their usage in the future than can be claimed by any other cloud provider, including Amazon  Web Services (AWS). Intersect360 Research projects Azure to lead cloud providers in HPC market share gain in the coming years.

Meanwhile, in recent years, HPC has seen a new surge in compute from Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD).  AMD recently launched its third-generation AMD EPYC 7003 CPU, and AMD has continued a zealous focus on high-performance applications. AMD adoption has grown substantially among HPC users.

As both AMD and Azure have surged in HPC, Microsoft is combining both with its HBv3 instances, featuring  AMD EPYC 7003 processors. The HBv3 instances combine the complete HPC services of Azure with the built- for-performance aspects of EPYC. The performance-percore characteristics can mean results are achieved  with fewer processors and therefore lower licensing costs for many applications, resulting in lower total cost of ownership for HPC.

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