Lenovo Enables Solutions for the ‘New HPC’

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The 2019 version of high performance computing (HPC) has changed considerably from previous years. Most notably, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have given rise to data-centric applications in machine learning. Machine learning often relies on HPC technologies, particularly in the early training phase. And in many cases, machine learning initiatives share infrastructure, budgets, and personnel with established HPC installations.

Machine learning is not the only example of expanded use cases. Big data and analytics transformed enterprise computing in the first half of the decade, creating a new category of high-performance, data-centric workloads.

The new HPC, inclusive of analytics and AI, and with its wide range of technology components and choices, presents significant challenges to a commercial enterprise.

Ultimately, the new HPC brings about opportunities that are worth the challenges. AI is promising for more than just parlor tricks and the Turing test, but the biggest breakthroughs may be hidden inside broader innovation initiatives, where machine learning blends with AI and HPC.

This whitepaper from Lenovo outlines new markets, workloads, and technologies in HPC, as well as how its own products and tech are addressing the solution needs of the "new HPC."

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