How Oil and Gas Firms Can Create Competitive Advantage with GPU-Accelerated Computing

White Papers > How Oil and Gas Firms Can Create Competitive Advantage with GPU-Accelerated Computing
GPUs for Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies are in the data business as much as they are in the hydrocarbon business. That’s because they use data to predict, manage, and optimize exploration and production operations. But, to stay ahead of the competition, they need to accurately derive insights from petabytes of sensor, geolocation, weather, drilling, and seismic data in milliseconds.

In fact, the oil and gas sector is one of the most data-intensive industries in modern business. Unfortunately, that abundance of information has hindered the extraction of business value from data. However, improvements in technology can take data-related challenges that had, until recently, been considered impossible to overcome and transform them into immediate financial gain and competitive advantage.

Previously, oil and gas firms relied on costly, central processing unit (CPU) intensive infrastructure to manage data usage and analysis speed. However, with the emergence of the graphics processing unit (GPU), a new era of supercomputing has arrived. GPUs for oil and gas firms have given rise to a new set of opportunities by allowing them to gain greater insights and generate actionable data.

This paper from Penguin Computing outlines how the adoption of GPU-accelerated computing can offer oil and gas firms significant return on investment (ROI) today and pave the way to gain additional advantage from future technical developments.

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