The ROI of GPU-Accelerated Computing

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GPU Supercomputing

The potential power of artificial intelligence (AI) is drawing attention to how much untapped value sits in the vast quantities of data that organizations have accumulated in recent years.

Processing such large quantities of data has historically required not only a great deal of computing power, but also a great deal of time, exactly what organizations don’t need when they seek competitive advantage. Previously, many organizations trying to analyze big data relied on costly, central processing unit (CPU) intensive infrastructure. With graphics processing unit (GPU)-accelerated computing, though, the information technology (IT) industry has a new, more effective, more efficient alternative.

A single GPU can offer the performance of hundreds of CPUs for certain workloads, resulting in a profound paradigm shift.

As technology finally enables AI to reach the potential technologists have looked forward to for decades, GPU-accelerated computing helps pave the path for users to gain an increasingly larger advantage over competitors not deploying GPU-accelerated computing.

This new white paper from Penguin Computing explores how adoption of GPU-accelerated computing can offer a significant return on investment (ROI) today and pave the way to gain additional advantage from future technical developments.

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