SAS Analytics Using Direct Memory Access

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SAS Analytics

Using Remote Direct Memory Access based analytics and fast, scalable,external disk systems with massively parallel access to data, SAS analytics driven organizations can deliver timely and accurate execution for data intensive workflows such as risk management, while incorporating larger datasets than using traditional NAS.

Successful commercial High Performance Computing firms that rely on SAS Analytics have been changing their infrastructure to take advantage of parallelism in order to deliver more accurate risk models by testing multiple scenarios against larger data sets in less time. By incorporating parallel file systems, mortgage firms are also optimizing IT budgets by consolidating data silos, reducing data center footprint and minimizing licensing costs.

With high performance data access solutions from DDN, customers including the largest mortgage firm in the US have seen over 450% faster execution of complete SAS Grid workflows used for risk management. DDN solutions have also delivered 400% higher per core performance for SAS Grid workflows, enabling end users to execute 4x more SAS analytics including risk management workflows than on traditional storage architectures in the same amount of time.

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