Five Essential Strategies for Successful HPC Clusters

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HPC cluster

Successful HPC clusters are powerful assets for an organization. However, these systems are complex and must be built and managed properly to realize their potential. If not done properly, your ability to meet implementation deadlines, quickly identify and resolve problems, perform updates and maintenance, accommodate new application requirements, adopt strategic new technologies and demonstrate the expected return on investment to the organization will be jeopardized.

The following essential strategies are guidelines for effectively building and managing an HPC cluster:

  1. Understand the real cost of open source tools and homegrown approaches to cluster management: Avoid creating your own cluster from scratch.
  2. Plan for change and scalable growth: Assume the cluster will need to evolve and grow in the future, and make sure you can accommodate both with minimal effort and disruption.
  3. Plan to support a range of new and different hardware: The hardware landscape is evolving and creating new technologies for businesses to utilize in their clusters.
  4. Be one with the cloud: Be smart about leveraging IaaS in your on-premise cluster by defining automated policies that dictate when and where to extend your cluster to the public cloud.
  5. Be ready for machine learning and other applications: HPC clusters offer the computational power that machine learning, data analytics and other compute intensive applications crave.

Download the full white paper, courtesy of Bright Computing, to further explore key strategies for HPC clusters.

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