The GigaIO™ FabreX™ Network – New Frontiers in Networking For Big Data

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In order to derive meaning from big data, via implementing the capabilities of big data analytics, and create new opportunities and new value, organizations must find a way to obtain radically increased overall system throughput. This whitepaper describes how the GigaIO FabreX network makes such accelerated functionalities possible by achieving exceptionally low latency and high-bandwidth performance across an organization’s entire network. GigaIO FabreX equips organizations to put big data to work by disaggregating legacy infrastructure, enabling dynamic pooling of resources for composability, and facilitating system adaptation to the workload (rather than vice versa) — essentially making it possible for organizations to scale up and scale out their computing

GigaIO was established in 2016 by networking industry veterans with decades of domain expertise in communications, data centers, high-performance computing, open source, and infrastructure management.

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