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Lustre File System

Today, Lustre File System is based entirely on Linux and is using kernel- based server modules to deliver the expected performance. Lustre can support many types of clients and runs on almost any modern hardware. Scalability is one of the most important features of Lustre File System and can be used to create a single namespace of what appears to be almost limitless capacity.

However, while the general Lustre community is still far
from reaching maximum configurations, the gap is rapidly decreasing for Lustre version 1.x compared to some of the largest supercomputer wins just recently announced. For example, the German Climate Computing Centre in Hamburg, called DKRZ5, will begin installation of one of the world’s largest Lustre installations beginning in 2015, and this site requires the use of over 4B files, which is above the current theoretical limit of Lustre version 1.x. Even though Lustre version 1.x may seem limitless, actual deployment practice and customer demand in the field are significantly outpacing aspects of the Lustre version 1.x use model, as will be described further below.

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