The Role of Middleware in Optimizing Vector Processing

White Papers > Big Data > The Role of Middleware in Optimizing Vector Processing

This whitepaper from NEC delves into the world of unstructured data and describes some of the technologies, especially vector processors and their optimization software, that play key roles in solving the problems that arise as result of the accelerating amount of data generated globally.

Big data brings big benefits but also big challenges for existing volume server compute architectures, because the data is less structured and difficult to process using traditional approaches. Efficiently revealing the hidden benefits and insights within the unstructured data requires new software tools, processors and  memory configurations, without having to learn new coding languages.

NEC’s SX-Aurora  TSUBASA vector computer architecture and Frovedis middleware address these challenges while scaling from  a single PCIe card to an entire server at far less cost and with higher performance than an approach solely using scalar processors. In short, vector processing with SX-Aurora TSUBASA will play a key role in  changing the way big data is handled while stripping away the barriers to achieving even higher performance  in the future.

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