Virtualizing HPC Throughput Computing Environments

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High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads have traditionally been run only on bare-metal, unvirtualized hardware. However, performance of these highly parallel technical workloads has increased dramatically over the last decade with the introduction of increasingly sophisticated hardware support for virtualizing HPC, enabling organizations to begin to embrace the numerous benefits that a virtualization platform can offer.

To demonstrate the results of this continuing performance improvement, this paper explores the application of virtualization to HPC and evaluates the performance of HPC workloads in a virtualized, multitenant computing environment.

With parallelism being the key to achieving high performance, HPC usually involves a large number of processes that run simultaneously. Depending on the amount of communication among the parallel processes, HPC workloads can be broadly divided into throughput workloads and parallel distributed workloads. This pioneering study focuses primarily on the virtual performance of throughput workloads.

Download the new white paper from VMWare that explores the possibilities of virtualizing HPC throughput in computing environments.

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