McNealy: Sun hosts 37% of the world's data

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The fine folks over at Washington Technology had an article on Monday about Sun’s growing presence in the government, and DISA’s deal to rent Sun’s computers.

There is an interesting quote from Scott McNealy (one of the founders of Sun):

First of all, 37 percent of the world’s data is residing on the Sun platform, which I think is a staggering figure for people to understand.

That is a staggering number, and I’d really like to know how it’s calculated.

Scott (I’m sure he reads this blog) can you leave a comment and explain what you counted, and how? Thanks!


  1. Trey Breckenridge says

    John, my guess is that Scott is coming up with the 37% number based on percentage of sales for Sun and StorageTek server disk drives and tape libraries/drives, at least at the high end. I do seem to recall having seen Gartner/IDG survey’s showing similar percentages. Now whether that is accurate or not is a completely difference issue!

  2. Interesting. Thanks, Trey.