Appropriations: NSF doing well so far

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Melissa Norr posts over at the CRA’s Policy Blog that NSF is doing well in the FY08 appropriations dance so far

The Commerce, Justice and Science appropriations subcommittee marked up their portion of the appropriations bills yesterday evening. The full Appropriations Committee will mark up the bill on Monday, June 18. NSF did very well with a total appropriation of $6.509 billion, an increase of 10 percent over FY07 and $80 million more than the President requested.


  1. […] Peter also reports that the President has issued a Statement of Administration Policy indicating that he intends to veto the FY 2008 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations (which we’ve talked about before) when it comes to him. Seems spending increases for NSF, NIST, and others aren’t sufficiently offset to satisfy the President. […]