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Hedge fund analytic grid selects Digipede

Digipede Networks logoDigipede Technologies, makers of enterprise grid enabling software, announced yesterday [pdf file] that hedge-fund manager III Offshore Advisors (III) has deployed their software to power its financial analytics computations.

The release quotes Paul Algreen, CTO at III as saying of the transaction:

“We’re an all-Windows shop, and our developers all use Visual Studio to develop our applications — primarily in .NET, although we also use some third-party COM libraries. Other solutions in the market would have required a considerable investment in retraining our developers, followed by some major application re-engineering. The broad range of programming models supported by the Digipede Network allowed us to move forward immediately, often adapting applications to the grid with just a few lines of code. This kind of productivity is critical for getting us into the market faster with new algorithms for pricing, trading, and risk management.”

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