IBM to announce Cluster 1350 Opteron upgrades

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Ashlee Vance over at El Register ran a piece yesterday with advance news that IBM is upgrading its Cluster 1350 line.

…customers will find the 1U x3455 available with 95W dual-core Opterons running at 1.8GHz, 2.6Ghz and 3.0GHz. That’s because IBM has picked up the fresh Opterons AMD released in April that kicked the dual-core part to 3.0GHz for the first time. So, a similar situations holds true for the 4U Opteron-based x3755 system.

Complementing the Opteron systems, IBM ships the Cluster 1350 unit with Xeon-, Power- and Cell-based servers too.

IBM has also added new networking options with IB from Cisco and Voltaire. Expect to see the official announcement from the company this week, if it doesn’t get lost in the torrent of news from ISC.


  1. […] Um…that’s a pretty all-ecompassing headline. We mentioned at the beginning of the week The Register’s scoop on the upgrades to the IBM System Cluster 1350 line; they’re confirmed in this release. Today IBM updated the System Cluster 1350 to include IBM multi-core processor-based BladeCenter and System x servers, IBM System Storage and networking technologies from Cisco, SMC and Voltaire. The new systems include Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor technology to enhance high performance computing with more capability. The clustered system is also designed to leverage Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), and now supports the SLES10 operating system. […]