insideHPC from Russia, with love (and a puppy)

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I am pleased as punch (that’s right people, punch!) to post the first pictures from the first ever button-palooza (click the thumbs for big pics).

Alexander Petrov sent me these snaps of his dog — and our buttons on his shirt — from Rybinsk, Russia (which is here, according to the Google Overlords). I know I’m just a small town boy, but it’s truly amazing that I can shuffle out to the mailbox in my jammies and drop a letter in the mail in rural Mississippi and have it get all the way to Russia. And for only 90 cents at that!

Anyhow, swell dog you’ve got there, Alexander. And some mighty fine buttons, too.

Let this be a kick in the pants to the rest of you with buttons: send me pics. Pics of the buttons on stuffed penguins in your cubicle. On a box of Belgian chocolates. Enjoying the Paris Opera…that sort of thing. Whatever seems natural.


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