Intel:Kittson and the jump from 65 to 32nm

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Das Register posted an article yesterday about Intel’s upcoming chip families. Most of it confirms things we already know: Montvale refreshes Montecito this year, then Tukwila, then Poulson.

Intel has also named its next chip: Kittson.

Tukwila’s big advance is the death of the front side bus and its replacement with the CSI interconnect, which I understand as Intel’s version of HyperTransport, but I might be oversimplifying that.

Also from the article

After Tukwila, you’ll find Poulson. The most interesting thing so far about this part is that it will be crafted on a 32nm process. That means that Intel will jump from Tukwila at 65nm straight to 32nm without passing 45nm and collecting $200. That should help Intel catch up IBM on the high-end chip manufacturing front.

Again, Intel refused to say how many cores or threads will arrive with Poulson. Although, the chipmaker did confirm that we’re talking about a brand new microarchitecture with the chip and “many more cores and high performance threads.” The chip sounds an awful lot like what Sun plans to ship at the end of 2008 in the form of the 16-core Rock.

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