Platform revs LSF

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Platform announced today that it’s released LSF 7.0.1 of the popular workload management software.

This release improves manageability, scheduling, and add-on features. I’m particularly interested in the improved asset and performance metric tracking, and the new absolute priority scheduling feature.

Platform logoLSF 7.0.1 includes improved IT resource asset inventory management as well as an increased ability to track key performance metrics, allowing the administrator greater visibility into the scheduler operation. Platform Management Console is a new patch installer that enables 7.0.1 to be upgraded or applied as a patch to an existing 7.0 cluster, checking patch dependencies and providing roll back. Scheduling enhancements include a distributed application framework offering a simple and transparent method for running parallel and distributed applications. Absolute priority scheduling allows workload to be ordered and scheduled based on absolute priority rather than a priority relative to the queue of the current job, providing a highly configurable method that combines fairshare with priority escalation.

In addition, add-on features in LSF Desktop Server, LSF License Scheduler and LSF Analytics have been added to further complement LSF. LSF Desktop Server now supports a new high-availability cluster configuration, including integration with Platform EGO for service management. LSF License Scheduler includes an extended Wide Area Network (WAN) license support, facilitating awareness of physical locality and restrictions of licenses and compute resources when selecting the most appropriate application license tokens. LSF Analytics provides end-to-end collection, extraction, correlation, and visualization of large volumes of data from multiple sites worldwide, giving users performance information and a business-oriented view of enterprise-wide resource infrastructure utilization.