Sun to release new parallel IDE today

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The Register is reporting today (no news as of this writing on Sun’s web site) that Sun is set to release version 12 it’s free Studio development environment today.

Sun logoSun Microsystems today releases Sun Studio 12, its latest IDE (integrated development environment) for C, C++ and Fortran. It’s freely available for Solaris and Linux software platforms and the update will be useful for developers building multi-core and multi-threaded applications, the company says.

With this version Sun gives developers the ability to compile for Linux or Solaris without rewriting code. Sun is working with partners AMD and Intel to make sure that the new environment supports both Barcelona and Woodcrest.

What’s the advantage of this environment over gcc or Eclipse? Sun says its about the experience

“We have this visual experience that you don’t get with the tools around GCC,” Jeet Kaul, developer partner veep, told The Register. “Eclipse has a comparable visual experience, but doesn’t have the performance or multithreading.”


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