PathScale compiler moves to SiCortex

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SiCortex announced on Wednesday that they’ve acquired the PathScale compiler technology and team from QLogic.

SiCortex logo“This will allow PathScale LLC to focus on delivering even greater compiler performance and multicore processor scalability,” said Margaret Lewis, director,Commercial Solutions, AMD. “PathScale remains an important member of the ecosystem of AMD partners who are working with AMD to evolve multicore processing.”

QLogic acquired PathScale back in early 2006 for $100M in cash, mainly to get at their InfiniPath interconnect technology as they bought into the InfiniBand market. Compiler development continued, but it didn’t really fit in with QLogic’s core business, and there were concerns about the future of the product.

Now that SiCortex has acquired the business, the future of the MIPS side of that compiler technology — announced officially in November of last year — seems secure  given that SiCortex’s solutions are built around MIPS. The company is assuring customers that the x86-64 line is safe, too.

“The PathScale compiler suite is highly valued by a number of our customers in underpinning their investment in Streamline’s Linux Cluster Solutions,” says John Taylor, CTO of Streamline Computing. “We welcome the news that this technology is to be developed further in support of X86/64-based architectures, as well as being used by SiCortex for their innovative high-processor-count solution. We look forward to continued interaction with the PathScale compiler team.”